Marina Langley

My name is  Marina I was raised in rural GA.  I was constantly surrounded by a host of animals.  I grew up in a saddle with a dog pack at my heels, and a horde of cats at my house; at one point I even shared my bed with a deer.  Other animals included ducks, a pig, a soccer-playing sheep, goats, a chinchilla, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, random reptiles.  I previously worked in an open-play dog daycare and can honestly say being with dogs does not qualify as work.  I’m a Criminology major with minors in Intelligence Analysis and Psychology studying at George Mason University, though  I am 11 years late.   I have a Pomeranian, named Eevee, whom of which I adore.  I love being outdoors and love going running with dogs because they give me power and don’t laugh at me when I trip over my own feet.  Dog Walking was clearly the job for me, because of my immense love for animals.