Chris Cavaliere


I’m Chris. I started loving and caring for animals from childhood; horses, cats, dogs, frogs, foxes and such, both young and old. My professional background, my love in life, has involved mostly dogs, and their people of course. Providing a fun way of enhancing that special relationship between a person and their pet is a precious gift to me, that’s my thing. It’s so very rewarding to get those doggy kisses after giving them that good physical and mental stimulation; a vigorous walk, a game of catch or find and seek, a new exciting trick or exercise to perform for all that great attention! But most of all, to know the value of the smiles on their human partners faces, the peace of mind, the confidence in knowing the care of their beloved canine friend is in good hands, that’s worth everything! I look forward to getting to know your canine friend, and providing them some of that good, positive stimulation.