Amalia Jensen

My name is Amalia Jensen (but please call me Mali ☺ I got my very first puppy when I was 5 living in West Virginia. I had been begging my parents to get me one since I since I could talk and I was beyond ecstatic! Lily came with my family and me when we moved to East Africa in 2000 where we continued to live for the next 15 years. Dogs have always been members of my family for their unconditional love and the humor they bring to all of our lives is, which is of course why they are called Man’s Best Friend.

I promise to treat your best friend as I would mine, and to be honest I enjoy being around animals so much that I think I get just as much out of our time together as they do! I’ve been pet sitting, house sitting and dog walking since I was about 15 for family friends and my parents’ colleagues, often for more than a week at a time. After graduating from Colgate University and working in South Africa with a wildlife vet in Kruger National Park, I moved to DC and I’m working towards becoming a Veterinary Assistant!

I have plenty of time on my hands so I’m hoping I can spend it getting to know your pets! Hope to meet you soon!