Allison Burr-Miller

Hi! I’m Allison Burr-Miller. I’m back in my hometown after being away for awhile–Christopher Newport for my BA, Colorado State University for my MA, and the UMass for my PhD (pending a competed dissertation). I adore dogs so when I heard about Waggy Walkys I couldn’t think of a better way to bring in a little cash while finishing up my studies. I have my own dog named Belichick, Bella for short. After doing a doggy DNA test I found out that she’s a Labrador, Standard Schnauzer, and Chow mix. She looks like a slender Black Lab and she’s the canine love of my life. Beyond dogs, I’m a huge sports and fitness nut (hence naming my dog after the New England Patriots’ head coach) so playing with dogs and getting exercise is my idea of a good time.