Lockbox Policy

Waggy Walkys Lockbox Policy

At Waggy Walky’s we highly recommend clients to utilize a key storage lockbox  to access your home. Lockboxes offer the most convenient and secure way to provide quality services to our clients.

The advantages of a lockbox:
  • Keys remain safely at your home, and not in the hands of your pet sitter. A secure lock box provides you with peace of mind.
  • In the event of an emergency or last minute dog walking request, our pet care specialists will have immediate access to your home.
  • Whenever you move, you can take the lock box with you.
  • The ability to change your lock box code whenever you need.
  • Lock boxes are designed to withstand the harshest of elements and theft.

Waggy Walkys Lockbox FAQ’s

Shortly after signing up with Waggy Walkys we will send you a lockbox with a confidential 4-digit code. Please place a working key(s) in the lockbox for the pet sitter before the first visit.

Your unique 4-digit lockbox code will be preset for you. You can locate the code at the top the instruction sheet that is provided with your lockbox. Please see below for reference

Lockbox Instructions Lockbox Instructions
Waggy Walkys provides a complimentary yellow lanyard to attach your key(s) to prevent loss during a dog walk. In the event a dog walker accidentally drops your key, the yellow lanyard will be easily seen on the ground.
Yes. Please note in your profile the location of your lockbox and the code.

Yes. You may change the lockbox code anytime you want. However, please update the office whenever you make a change.

Fast forward to :28 seconds of the video to see how you can reset your lockbox code.

Only Waggy Walky’s management and your dog walker will have access to your unique 4 digit code.

Often times clients already have key-less entry systems in place or live in apartment buildings where concierges can assist the pet sitter in entering your home. In these situations, a lockbox would not be needed.

Please email us at info@waggywalkys.com if your situation does not allow for a lockbox.

Creative lockbox placements for homes include:

Railings, gates, fencing, piping, electric meters, behind pots or plants, lamp posts, inside mailboxes.

Creative Apartment or Condo placement (If you cannot hang on door or if concierge/front desk cannot hold keys) :

Outside fencing, railings, bike racks, parking or towing signs, areas where realtors generally keep their lockboxes for real estate showings in your complex. *Email your particular apartment or condo association for more ideas. They also have great ideas for lockbox placement.

Dog Walking Made Easy

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Dog Walking Made Easy

We keep your Fur Baby Happy!