Dog Park Play

Doggy Networking (With A Ball Thrown In)

Dogs are social critters, and letting them schmooze at a local, off-leash dog park is one of the greatest ways to keep their social skills intact. Our dog park play service includes exercise, fetching, potty breaks, socialization, human and canine play time. Dog park play is available Monday to Friday and includes pet taxi ride at the park (up to a one-hour jaunt with commute). Treat your pooch; contact us to set up park play today!

Our Pricing

We will take your dog to a local, fenced in Dog Park for off-leash play.

*1 hour sessions with commute time

Dog Park Play Benefits

Dog park play comes with oodles of benefits for your pooch, starting with excellent socialization opportunities. Instead of moping around the house missing you, dog park play time lets your delightful doggie get out and about to interact with other dogs as well as their parents who come to the park. Dog park play can significantly increase comfort levels of new pups, and even help older ones develop enhanced social skills around other dogs and people.
Exercise is another bark-worthy dog park play benefit, giving your dog the chance to run, fetch and frolic with a festoon of friendly pooches. Even though our dog park play monitor will be by your dog’s side throughout the entire session, your dog will still enjoy the off-leash freedom that makes him bark for more. We schedule dog park play at parks around town we’ve already checked out to ensure they provide a safe and secure environment where your dog can romp with confidence.

Dog park play serves up the mental and physical stimulation that can reduce annoying or even destructive behaviors. Doesn’t your pooch deserve it? Contact us to set up dog park play today!

Dog Park Play by Waggy Walkys LLC.

Dog Walking Made Easy

We keep your Fur Baby Happy!

Dog Walking Made Easy

We keep your Fur Baby Happy!