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Are you Insured & Bonded?

Yes, we have Insurance and Bonding for all of our staff. What this means is we have a general liability insurance coverage that covers your home, your property, your pets, our staff,  staff vehicles, staff homes and anyone coming into contact with your pets. This coverage is up to a million dollars per occurance! We also have Theft Bonding protection for your property at $10,000 coverage per occurance. Please contact our office if you want to see copies of our insurance plans before signing up and we will  e-mail those right over.  We are a professional company with good safety policies in place and in 9 years of business we have only needed to use our insurance coverage once and it was a small incident!


Rate Chart:
 Dog Walks:   
  $15 per 15 minute visit        extra pet fee: $2     
  $20 per 30 minute visit       extra pet fee: $2
  $30 per 60 minute visit       extra pet fee: $2
 Dog Boarding:
 $45  per night.
 NOTE: We charge like a hotel, so you can check your pets in from 12 noon until 12 noon next day. We do not hourly prorate time as staff only get paid per night.   extra pet fee: $20 
 $40 daycare charge if your dog(s) stays with boarder beyond 12 noon the final day.
Daycare extra pet  fee: $10 
 Pet Taxi:
If you are boarding with us: $20 each way (within 5 miles ) each additional mile $1
$60 minimum for all other assignments. Rates based on assignment. 
House sitting:
$65 per 24 hours. 
(extra pet fee: $20)  
Dog Park Play Group or Trail Hike Groups:
45-60 mins at park, up to 2 hours with commute, 
$25 Per Visit,   extra pet fee: $2
 Pet Sitting for Cats & Dogs: 
(Client Out of Town & Weekend visits - Minimum of three 30 minute visits for dogs when left alone for over 24 hours)
 We no longer do 15 mins visits for Pet Sitting (client out of town, weekend etc).  Minimum 30  mins visits.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis but charge is the same, $20. 
$20 per 30 minute visit extra pet fee: $2
$30 for 60  minute visit extra pet fee: $2
Medication Administration:
$5 each admin. (per pet)
A last-minute surcharge of $5 will apply for all service scheduled after 7PM the night before the visit. 






Visits made between the hours of 9PM and 7AM are subject to a $5 surcharge per visit.
All weekend (Saturday & Sunday ) visits have a $5 surcharge per visit. 
A $15 surcharge is charged if you need us to come back to get keys not provided during the first meet and greet OR if we need to return keys to you (outside of a scheduled pet visit). 
Two sets of keys is recommended but not required. With that said, a key copy charge of $10 will be assessed (plus cost of all key copies made) if only one set is provided by client at meet and greet, but you later want us to cut a second key copy to have on file for you. 
Initial consultation: FREE          (15$ if you need us to come back for second time)
If you lock yourself out of your residence and need your pet sitter or management to unlock your door for you (subject to availability) we charge a $30 fee to the client to provide this service. Key Lockout visits between the hours of 9PM and 7AM are subject to a $10 after hours surcharge ( $40 total for the visit. )
If a neighbor signs up for services we do not give discounts to pre-existing clients. We do offer a $20 client referral credit if you refer us to a new client however. 




We charge a Holiday surcharge of $10 per visit for any pet sitting , dog walks, park play groups, pet taxi service, bathing, (house sitting & dog boarding is $10 extra per night) during the following holidays. All visits will remain scheduled unless you make a cancellation.




2015 Holiday Schedule:


12/31/14- 1/1/15
New Year\'s Eve and day
Monday 1/19
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday,  2/16 
Washington\'s Birthday
5/22- 5/25
Memorial Day Weekend
7/3- 7/5
Independence Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend
10/10- 10/12
Columbus Day Weekend
Wednesday 11/11
Veterans Day 
11/26- 11/29
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

12/24- 12/27



Christmas Holiday Weekend    
New Years Eve and New Years Day

How do you select and train your Waggy Walkys staff?


How do you select and train your Waggy Walkys staff?

All new staff must consent to a nationwide criminal background check , we check 3-4 professional references and thoroughly interview our staff for professionalism, positive attitude, genuine interest and knowledge of dogs and cats and over all pet handling abilities. We hire only professional and respectful adults with professional track records that would best represent our team.  We require our staff to have reliable transportation, reliable cell phone, daily internet and e-mail access, have a thorough understanding of our company policies and our staff are insured and bonded when on duty. Our insurance covers up to a million dollar per occurrence which protects your pets, your home, anyone in contact with you pet(s), our staff, staff vehicles and staff homes. We train our staff and go over safe pet handling, safe pet transportation, pet boarding safety and dog walking safety policies. All of our staff are required to carry a first aid kit, have a basic first aid knowledge and/or Pet CPR certification. It is our policy to follow all applicable state leash laws and to pick up and dispose of all pet waste on every walk.



How do I sign up for the first time?

Please fill out our Request Service Form on the Contact Us page and an agent will be in touch within 24 hours. You can also e-mail us or call our office 24/7.


All of our detailed billing policies are given to you when you register.  We bill once a month for weekly recurring services and and at the time of booking for occasional and on call services. We accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover that we manually run from our office, or you can pay yourself via PayPal but this is subject to late fees.

Is your staff Pet CPR and First Aid certified?

All of our staff must read and learn a Pet First Aid section in our company handbook.

We also offer Pet CPR and Pet First Aid certification courses for all of our full time Waggy Walkys staff.

* This course is optional and certification varies from pet sitter to pet sitter.


Is Credit Card info & Data secure?

Where is the server located? Is my data secure?
Our third party website (HTTPS) software servers are collocated at Peak 10 carrier-class collocation facilities with fault-tolerant, fully redundant connectivity. All of your communications with Power Pet Sitter are encrypted and all credit card information is further encrypted when it is saved to the database.

How do I book reservations or make schedule changes?


1) You can call, email, or submit a request service form from the Contact Us page. (* We are not in the office on Saturdays, or until 4PM on Sundays. Please see our Saturday & Sunday (day of) booking protocol in our FAQ.)

2)  You can also Login to your account at the top right of our website and : 

Schedule new appointments, view existing schedules or make schedule changes online. 

Keep your personal, vet and pet information up to date in our (online) client database 24/7.

Any sitters and management involved will be notified instantly via email of any changes you make and can review your schedules and pet profiles online 24/7. 

 *Only top management has access to billing or other sensitive information.                                                    


Back Up Pet Sitter Policy


BACKUP SITTER POLICY: (Not for boarding services)

In the event that a pet sitter, house sitter or dog walker is not available for upcoming services requested, a backup sitter will be scheduled in place of the primary sitter. This could be for just a single visit or many visits, depending on the primary pet sitter’s availability throughout the year. Management will be in charge of making sure that the backup Pet Sitter gets any applicable entry keys, fobs, instructions for the visits, etc. We require all backup Pet Sitters to return the keys, etc to a manager (or other pick up location) upon completion of any pet jobs they are substituting for. If we have advanced notice from your primary pet sitter for any dates unavailable we will have the back up pet sitter contact you to discuss your pet’s needs. DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS BUSINESS AND THE HEAVY LOGISTICS INVOLVED, WE MAY NOT ALWAYS BE ABLE TO NOTIFY CLIENT OF BACK UP SITTER COVERING A VISIT (S) AND MEET & GREETS ARE NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR BACK UP SITTERS. YOU MUST CALL OUR OFFICE AND SPEAK TO A MANAGER IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ABOUT THIS OR WE ASSUME YOU AGREE AND ACCEPT THIS POLICY! At the same token, all of our back up staff are screened, trained, insured and bonded and will be given (by management) a printed client profile with your visit instructions, client contact details, pet info ,emergency contacts, vet info etc, when substituting for your primary sitter.

What if a staff member can no longer board my dog(s)?

1) If you are in the process of having your dog(s) boarded and an agent becomes no longer available to board your dog(s) (e.g., family emergency, unforseen events, etc.) we will set you up with the next closest agent. We have multiple boarding agents in the areas that we serve. In the unlikely event we have no vacancies in your area we will refund your money for services that we could not complete and we will have your dog boarded with one of your designated emergency pet sitters you have on file or a local dog boarding/kennel.  If we have your dog boarded at a local dog boarding/kennel you will be responsible for all associated fees and we will use your  credit card on file along with the Emergency Kennel Authorization Form that you have filled out and signed when you registered your pets!

2)  If you have booked an upcoming date for boarding and your agent becomes no longer available we will set you up with the next available agent in your area. We have multiple boarding agents in the areas that we serve. In the event that we have no vacancies we will reimburse your payment in full and assist you in finding another local pet sitting service or boarding facility that can care for your pets during the dates you have requested.

Will my dog be safe on the walks?



All staff are required to use MANDATORY safety lanyards (500 lb test) on all walks. This attaches the leash handle(s)  to the staff\'s waist via a secure and field tested method.  We train our staff on how to install and use these devices on the walk. If a staff falls due to ice or slippery outdoor surface, or loses control of the leash handle for any reason, the leash(s) will be attached to the lanyard. We also have strict protocols for safety in our handbook regarding safety methods for walking dogs. These have been developed over ten years of experience walking dogs in all conditions. 


Do you provide Pet Report Logs after each visit?

Yes we do! We offer written reports as a complimentary service for all of our clients.  If you are out of town we can supplement this with a daily text or phone call for peace of mind. 

Do you accept Credit Cards?

 We accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover. For your convenience we do paperless billing that will always send paid invoices to your email. Management will take care of all charges to your account so you never have to fuss with making a payment.  

What if there is an emergency or assistance needed after hours?

We have 24/7 phone representatives that take messages after-hours or when we can not get to the phone. In the event of an emergency that is after hours, we will only be notified if you call our phone lines and say this is an "emergency" to the operator.  They will text message and call all managers\' cell phones for rapid assistance and guidance from management. All other (non-emergency) messages, even if noted as urgent or you need a call back ASAP, etc,  will be forwarded to our general email and will be responded to the next business day. We check these emails from 9AM-7PM Mon-Fri and 4PM-8PM Sundays. 

How to book services on a Saturday & Sundays (Office is closed).

While our after hours phone attendents are answering calls on Saturdays and Sundays, we are not in the office on Saturdays or until 4PM on Sundays. Our business hours are 9AM-7PM Monday through Friday and 4-8PM Sundays. The only way our management will recieve your message (afterhours) is if you call in and tell the after hours phone attendent that it is an emergency. They will text and call all three managers\' cell phones with the emergency message. Otherwise your message or any e-mails will be seen between 4-8PM on Sundays. You can also directly call your pet sitter\'s cell phone if you know it. 


"Best dog walker? Waggy Walkys Pet Care gets our vote for the detailed notes they take chronicling the half-hour walks they take with your pooch -- and we do mean detailed..."